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    Process of dog food making machine: 

    Preparing raw material system→ Mixing system→ Extruding system→ Drying system→Flavoring system→ Packing system

    Pet food production line is a newly-designed line for improving market of pet food, which is developed successfully with our many years research experiences on food machinery. This line endues pet food with novel shape, unique taste and color. It can meet with other needs of modern market by many superior characteristics, such as scientific nutrition formular and easy assimilation. And this line can also make the pet food cored filling, it will be more popular with modern pets.We have different production capacity for this automatic process line with the best quality and most competitive price. Function of dog food making machine: It works with simple operation, accurate parameter control , The products can be  finished  in  the stipulated  temperature , pressure,   humidity and time. Owing to the reasonable design, special  materials,  the stability, repairs  can be  guaranteed and ensured. The various  shape and tastemust meet the different requirements of dog food, cat food and so on.


    dog food making machine
    Time : 2020-12-09

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