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    Wet Type Sinking Fish Feed Fodder Pallets Ainals Food Production Project Processing Line Extruder?

    Production line Description

    Twin screw fish feed extruder, also called floating fish feed machine, is widely used for produce high-grade aquatic feed pellets for fish, catfish, shrimp, crab, lobsters, etc.We have two types of fish feed extruder, dry type and wet type model fish feed machine, through feeding materials, extruding,Forming,Filling and cutting, drying, oil spraying, packing to produce floating and sinking fish feed pellets?automatically,Moreover, you can change extrusion degree to influence floating time.
    Flow chart?of fish feed production?line:
    Milling Machine?→?Mixer??Conveyor??Extruder??Conveyor??Dryer??Conveyor??Flavoring machine??Cooling Machine??lifter??Packing Machine

    Raw material & Final Product

    Most fish feed pellet inculding animal protein and plant protein, Plant protein adopts corn flour,rice flour,wheat flour,soybean flour,peanut cake powder…..Animal protein adopts fish meal, shrimp meal,crab meal, sleeve-fish meal and so on….you can add other ingredient according to the local fish live require.
    It can also add high fat?and protein?raw materials, For example, fresh fish, bone, high protein content and high fat raw materials, etc
    Final products sample:



    Our company

    Jinan Dingrun&Bright Machinery Company is a special extrusion machinery manufacturer. Factory covering 6000m2,?Have 100 workers and 15 engineers.We have 15 years experiences.With our many years' research and study, extrusion techniques have been widely used in many fields. Our products consist of single/double-screw extrusion snacks machinery, breakfast cereal and corn flakes machinery, fish feed machine, pet food machinery, dog chew machinery, fried food machinery, etc. We can supply individual items of equipment or complete factory layouts and lines, which are custom-built to suit the requirements of customers.



    Wet Type Sinking Fish Feed Fodder Pallets Ainals Food Production Project Processing Line Extruder
    Time : 2021-06-21

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